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Hampton Charity


To assist, rehabilitate, stabilized and empowered children orphaned by HIV/AIDS, HIV/AIDS positive children, street children, as well as those who are living with infected caregivers. We seek to improve their living conditions by creating opportunities through formal education, vocational training and capacity building in order to make them become socio economically independent and be able to one day pass on the gift to others.


Carried out and collaborate in fundamental and applied research in the prevention and control of HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases in Cameroon in particular and Africa in general

Contribute to the alleviation of poverty among orphans, street children and other less privileged people through providing formal education and vocational training so they can become self-reliant

HIV/AIDS is preventable; no child should be born HIV-positive

Scaling up access to antiretroviral therapy and antiretroviral prophylaxis to prevent mother to-child-transmission of HIV

Providing access to pediatric HIV/AIDS treatment

Preventing infection among young people through education and training seminars

Protecting and supporting children affected by HIV/AIDS

Partner with governmental agencies, NGOs, international organizations and other interested parties to mobilized resources and people to continue the global fight against this epidemic

Train, empower and equipped individuals, community leaders, school teachers, health care workers etc… with the necessary skills to continue to lead the fight against this preventable epidemic

Support UNICEF and WHO five-year strategies (2011–2015), which aimed at zero new infections, zero discrimination and zero AIDS-related deaths by optimizing HIV prevention, diagnosis treatment and care; building strong and sustainable health and community systems; and reducing vulnerability and removing structural barriers to accessing services.

Visit: http://www.vknyambifoundation.org